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ABCDo To-do list


Eisenhower Matrix - one of the most effective methods of short-term planning.Tasks are divided into 4 categories:A) Important and urgent - these task are very important and they need to do today in the first place. Important tasks - these are the tasks that bring you closer to your goal (deadline of the project, required a call to the client, going to the dentist in acute pain).B) Not urgent and important - these tasks are important and which can wait with the implementation. If they do not perform in a timely manner, they are moving into the category A (foreign language learning, sports, planning).C) Urgent and unimportant - often we confuse them with chores "A" confused importance to the urgency. It is advisable to delegate these tasks to other (meetings, to congratulate a friend on his birthday, the help of colleagues, respond to the letter).D) Not urgent and unimportant - eaters of the time (routine work, a visit to the social. Networks, computer games, watching TV series).Briefly, to each of the blocks such recommendations:Important and urgent - to avoid; Important and not urgent - to do;Urgent and unimportant - delegate;Not urgent and unimportant - not to do;For each task, you can set the reminder time or by geographic coordinates. Or move to a different category at a certain time, for example, when there is an urgent task becomes urgent.